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Stainless steel screen divides the restaurant into a more seamless space


People take food as their priority, and the design and decoration of the restaurant is believed to be of concern to many friends. After all, everyone hopes that when family members have a happy meal together, they can have a better environment. Then Foshan Zhan Guan Metal Products Co., Ltd. will discuss with you the principles of stainless steel screen design for restaurants today.
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1. The space is relatively independent
Space alone here refers to relative isolation. Although the dining room is a separate space in our traditional home decoration design, in recent years, the guest dining room with excellent transparency and lighting, as well as the two-in-one design of the dining room and kitchen, have become more and more popular. welcome. In this case, you may wish to divide the functional areas through some decorative means, such as ceiling partitions, different types of lighting, wall decoration paintings, stainless steel hollow partitions, different tiles on the ground, etc. All are feasible. of.
2. Convenient for daily meals
The practicality of the restaurant is more important. When you get the house, you will find that the kitchen and the dining room will not be too far apart in the initial regional planning. Therefore, when you remodel the room later, don’t forget this. Otherwise, it will be troublesome to serve three meals a day in the future!
Three, the style is unified, the color is bright
The unity of the dining room and the overall home style can be visually enjoyed. The furniture of the restaurant should choose soft and warm colors, and the color of the restaurant should be light and bright, not only a warm home atmosphere, but also a good response to appetite. The lighting in the restaurant should be bright and moderate. If the lighting is not good, try to make up for it with the lighting. A dim restaurant will affect appetite! will be depressing.

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