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The classification of the stainless steel cabinet


Stainless steel cabinet has become a beautiful cluster of stainless steel series; Professional production of stainless steel cabinet with complete colors, which can be plated with gold, champagne gold, black gold, gun black, silver white, silver gray, bronze, bronze, rose gold, purple gold, coffee gold, gem blue, seven colors, tea, etc. the titanium plate is made of stainless steel cabinet 201202304, etc; Surface 8K, 2b, Ba, wire drawing, No.3, No.4; Stainless steel flat plate, Ba plate, 8K mirror panel, titanium plate, frosted plate, etched flower plate, embossed plate, etc. have rich and diverse color systems, stable color, uniform film layer, solid and wear-resistant. It can ensure that it will not fade for decades, which greatly strengthens the profusion and diversity of stainless steel colors in the kitchen, and makes your gold matching kitchen glow with permanent charm and women's warmth, tenderness and comfort.