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The multiple functions of stainless steel screens


Stainless steel screens are used in restaurants as partitions between dining tables or between rooms, which play a role of separation but not closure. It is especially common in Chinese-style restaurants. The classical Chinese style presented by Chinese-style stainless steel screens makes it both functional and decorative in Chinese restaurants. Stainless steel screens in restaurants Stainless steel screens are used in a variety of ways in restaurants. They can be used as a partition between dining tables, as a partition wall in a private room, as a lobby decoration and as a front desk background wall decoration. High partition and middle partition can be flexibly matched according to the scene. Chinese stainless steel screens There are various styles of Chinese stainless steel screens, and various styles of screens can be customized through fancy styles, specifications, colors, and surface treatments. This type of screen is mainly used in Chinese-style decoration-style rooms, high-end office spaces, Chinese-style teahouses, restaurants, restaurants, leisure centers, and so on. The solid wood version of the foldable screen is matched with Chinese elements such as Chinese flower windows and mahogany furniture to create a noble, antique and rich ethnic style. The function of the restaurant screen The restaurant screen plays the role of partitioning the restaurant. It can be placed not only at the entrance, but also at a proper position in the room, dividing the room into two spaces, so that people in the hotel do not interfere with each other, and each has a peaceful atmosphere. Its placement can also play a role of shelter, and the screen can play a role in sheltering the place where scattered debris is piled up in the home. Different stainless steel screens create different visual experiences. The matching effect of stainless steel screens pays attention to nobility and luxury, highlighting a resplendent visual enjoyment, all of which are well used by designers in the hotel, showing its high value and noble quality.