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What are the classifications of stainless steel screens?

1. Appearance
Stainless steel hollow lattice screen, the stainless steel lattice screen hollowed out by laser often has complicated pictures and high processing cost, but the repeated stacking of the lattice forms a beautiful picture, which will make the screen more ornamental and make the space more layered. .
The square tube welded stainless steel screen is simpler than the lattice screen.
Antique and old-fashioned and other colorful stainless steel screens, as literal, colorful stainless steel screens are screens that are processed from colorful stainless steel plates or plated with the desired colors later, which can be suitable for various occasions. Among them, the antique and old-fashioned is more ingenious, not only the color change but also the beauty of time precipitation.
2. Welding process
There are two welding processes in the production process, seam welding and seamless welding. Seam welding is the effect of spot welding. Seamless welding is the effect of full welding and grinding and polishing. Because no gaps can be seen in the welding place, it is called seamless welding.
3. Surface technology
Mirror (glossy) stainless steel screens and brushed (matte) stainless steel screens.
4. Product color

According to the color, it can be divided into rose gold, bronze, green bronze, red bronze, titanium gold stainless steel screen and so on. 

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