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The origin of the partition aluminum screen


Today, Foshan Zhan Guan Metal Products Co., Ltd.(ZGM), an expert in aluminum screens, will briefly introduce the origin of aluminum screen partitions.
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The screen partition appeared in the Zhou Dynasty three thousand years ago as a special device for the emperor, as a symbol of fame and power. After the continuous evolution of the screen, the screen partition plays the role of windproof, partition and concealment, and plays the role of embellishing the environment and beautifying the space, so it has been passed down for a long time and has derived a variety of expressions. It is the best choice for living room, hall, meeting room and office.
With the development of screen partitions to this day, antique screen partitions of various materials have appeared. Among them, the antique screen partitions made of aluminum alloy are more worthy of praise. The aluminum alloy antique screen partition completely overcomes the shortcomings of the wooden screen partition, which is perishable and moth-eaten, and the rigidity of the aluminum alloy antique screen partition is greatly enhanced compared with the original wooden screen partition.
The aluminum alloy antique screen partitions but does not separate, and the boundaries are not bounded, which continues the quiet and modest temperament of the large space. Cultural heritage soaked in the energy atmosphere.