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Development history of Foshan ZhanGuan Metal Products.,Ltd. Metal screen

2022-04-15 Author:Shirley

For your room divider metal screen, maybe something a little stylish, a little ornate, and a metal screen divider that is nearly indestructible. These metal screen room dividers will give the illusion that your open floor plan or open office has partitioned areas, even though people can see through the beautifully etched metal lattice. To know more, view this collection for metal screen room divider factory development history . 

Year 2014, We established Stainless Steel Trading Company : Foshan Huawei Metal Co., 

Development history of Foshan ZhanGuan Metal Products.,Ltd. Metal screen Manufacturer  
Year 2015, We had three sales team and one professional QC inspection team . 

Year 2016, We successfully accomplished Peninsular Dragon Bay and Yalong Bay Golf Club metal decorative projects in HaiNan. 

Year 2018, We setted  up factories in Foshan, Tancun industry area.  

Year 2021, We move our factory from Tacun to Chancheng, in Foshan. 

Year 2022, We revised our name to Foshan ZhanGuan Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

Advantage Of Foshan ZhanGuan Metal Products.,Ltd.
Factory direct : With more than 10years production experience and 2000sqm production base in Foshan China which have well-equipped facilities .  Foshan ZhanGuan Metal Products., a professional metal custom manufacturer with favorable price and high quality control. 
Custom Expert:  Focus on custom metal products to meet different needs. 
Provide One- stop service:  We provide design drawing and develop,fitting accessories,  installation guideness to solve all the custom needs .  
Our product range:  metal screen and room divider, balustrades and handrails,custom metal,
die casting metal parts, machining parts,stainless steel profile,stainless steel cabinet and shelf,stainless steel panel, metal wall clading,  engine water pump,CNC machining,center machining,precision machining,auto parts,grub screw,ball screw,metal sculpture,stainless steel ball 

Our project case :  Gree, Hotel Marriott,  Hotel Hiton, Guangzhou Municipal enginnering,privite villa ,restaurant, bar, loung Toyota, Ford . 


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