Metal Screen

Metal screen complements any design theme. It is chosen for artistically decorative, easy installation, no maintenance, and ability to fight graffiti by wiping the surface clean or buffing out scratches.  metal screen are made of intermittent stainless steel or Aluminum materials. They are strong, easy to install, and can save space. Compared with traditional wooden partitions, metal screens are stronger and more corrosion-resistant. The service life can be given for several years.

metal screen not only inherits the traditional space separation function, but also makes improvements in lighting, ventilation, environmental protection, and installation. Modern metal screens are fashionable, more flexible, meet the requirement of the modern individual needs . In addition, metal screen also have a good decorative effect and are regarded as artifacts of interior decoration.

Foshan Zhanguan Metal Products Co.,Ltd is a one stop  integrating design, development, production and sales. We specialized in metal screen , wall cladding , wine cabinets, hollow carvings, wine cabinets, display racks, handrail, hardware and other metal decor works etc .

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