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The strong points of the stainless steel cabinet(1)

1.The stainless steel cabinet has a new process called fingerprint free treatment technology can be adopted on the surface of color stainless steel plate. This technology mainly uses nano layer technology to form an extremely thin and very strong protective layer on the surface of color stainless steel plate. It is also called color stainless steel plate fingerprint free plate because it can avoid leaving fingerprints after human fingers touch. Fingerprint free treatment process can be processed in color stainless steel mirror panel, wire drawing plate, frosted plate, etching plate, etc. to obtain fingerprint free effect, which can well enhance the anti rust function.

2. The stainless steel cabinet has strong moldability, which changes the defects of wooden material installation machine. As a metal material, it also has better flame retardancy, mildew resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, green environmental protection and so on. Moreover, the color is processed by vacuum ion plating, and the color layer on the surface is rich, colorful and strong. Especially the wire drawing plate or frosted plate has better wear resistance than other surface texture states.