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What are the styles of stainless steel screens and their application scenarios

stainless steel screen

The stainless steel screen breaks through the traditional monotonous color matching. The living room screen partition design methods can be described as various, and different living room screen partitions are created according to different materials and styles. The partition between the living room and the bedroom, the partition between the living room and the dining room, etc. can also be partitioned by furniture, door curtains, and vertical panels.

Stainless steel screen series include antique screen, craft screen, classical screen, Chinese screen, floor screen, color stainless steel laser hollow screen, bronze screen, stainless steel screen, titanium screen. Wine corkscrews and other wine utensils. It is suitable for high-end residences, villas, small and medium-sized bars, exhibition halls, etc.

All welded joints of the stainless steel screen process should be flat, and the joints should have no gaps. The outer frame is pitted and curved, and all lattices are welded to the surface. A stainless steel lattice door is welded and fastened to the exterior frame. Another stainless steel lattice door can be folded with screws and plated after the color is finished, but it can ensure that the process is completely uniform and there is no color difference.

As for the screen, we all know that it has been widely used in ancient times. With the development of social economy and the continuous innovation of processing technology, the materials are more and more abundant, so the product of stainless steel screen is a popular trend of interior decoration. In our life, although we cannot be as beautiful as a fairy tale, we can create a warm home with our hands. Choose one of your favorite, creative stainless steel screens to divide our home into a haven of poetry, emotion and warmth. Stainless steel screens are more common among some modern young people and artists. The indifference of stainless steel and the color of the material itself are modern.

However, while choosing the decoration and screen according to the style of the bedroom, as an ordinary family, we must also consider the budget, choosing stainless steel screen is undoubtedly your best choice, the stainless steel screen is economical and has a long service life. Stainless steel screens come in a variety of styles to fully meet your creative choices.

The daily maintenance of stainless steel screens is also essential. In our daily life, try to avoid the surface of the stainless steel screen being hit by hard objects to avoid scratches and dents. Daily cleaning should only be done with soft wipes, not with hard or alkaline cleaning solutions.

Customers can process the stainless steel surface according to the decoration needs. The stainless steel surface drawing process can be divided into linear drawing, chaotic drawing, thread drawing, corrugated drawing and spiral drawing. The color of the stainless steel screen is also rich, including rose gold, bronze, green copper, red copper, champagne gold, wine red, brown, black titanium, etc. In addition to the processing and color of the stainless steel surface, there are also novel and unique graphics, including flower-shaped, diamond-shaped, laser hollow irregular graphics, etc.