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Design Features of Modern Stainless Steel Screens

As a part of indoor furniture, screens are closely related to people's activity space and can be set anywhere in the daily family living space. The screen is undergoing tremendous changes with the development of history and the changes of the times. The design of modern stainless steel screen should consider the design of its function, to achieve unity with the surrounding environment and decoration. To design the shape and scale of the stainless steel screen in a specific environment, it is necessary to consider the relationship between the transparency and the virtual reality of the screen.

One of the most basic functions of stainless steel screens is to separate the space and create the effect of "separation and continuous", which makes the indoor functional division more obvious and does not take up too much space. Placing a screen in an appropriate position can make the occupants not interfere with each other, and each has a relatively private atmosphere. For example, in a hall with a small area, a screen cabinet is used as a partition to distinguish the living room from the dining room, which not only achieves the purpose of functional division, but also maintains a connection between the two; put a screen at the entrance of the living room, in addition to blocking The sight of the outside world can also play the role of the entrance.

The stainless steel screen cabinet is characterized by being small and light, and can be moved at will in various colors. Between the open living room and dining room, a simple screen divides the space into two. In daily life, the activities of the two spaces no longer interfere with each other, and the space left on the sides and top of the screen does not Completely destroy the original sense of transparency, creating another space with both occlusion and openness.

Different families have different space usage needs. For example, if the dining area is large, stainless steel screens can be used to make redundant rooms into study rooms. For families with less well-off housing, the features of the stainless steel screen's shielding and beautifying effect are more practical.